Hotel Operations

Every hotel has different requirements, therefore we have a dedicated team that can analyse and create a tailor made product to cover all operational requirements. This is achieved by, identifying the type of business, client mix, level of luxury, operations complexity, revenue and cost centers, financial data, guest satisfaction scores, competition, industry trends, owner’s directions and wishes.

  • Market- & feasibility studies
  • Operator search and contract negotiations
  • Interim management and operations optimisation
  • Valuations

Staff Cost

Financial Reporting Budgets


Staff Cost

As staff cost is probably the highest amount any company has to pay in relation to the turnover it is a priority that staffing levels must be always at its optimum.

  • Staff recruiting services.
  • Training and reward programs.
  • Maximum productivity and quality of service for every person on duty
  • Ensuring that your payroll amount or percentage of net sales are competitive
  • Job descriptions, Standards of Operation manuals.
  • Procedures that will assist in developing company’s philosophy

Jastral offers a “hands on” management approach for each property. We deliver active support and guidance, coupled with regular on site visits, to ensure your property is running at its fullest potential.

Financial Reporting Budgets

Our expert team of accounting focuses in generating reports that will show the true picture of your hotel operation. These reports assist the hotel in the day to day operation with emphasis in effectiveness. Some of these reports are:

  • Accounting and cost control
  • Cash Flow & Operational Budgets
  • Produce Monthly P&Ls
  • Maintain Balance Sheet & General Ledger
  • Processes payroll


We have collaboration and personal relations with some suppliers of the basic products, so that we achieve better prices, taking into consideration standards that we seek each time. We evaluate suppliers and offers, after we have made a complete research of the market, we give the elements to the hotel for transaction.

Food and Beverage

F&B commodities come in different qualities; as a result, price and quality vary. We will carefully analyse your Menus, luxury level, F&B departments, Cuisine styles and guest expectations, and we will provide you with a tailored made, approved by you, accurate market prices of authorized suppliers to cover all your Food & Beverage products.

Consumables Equipment and Amenities

In relation to Amenities and Consumables hotels do not give the necessary importance due to the low cost per unit, however this is a huge cost in your yearly budget. We therefore analyse all these costs and provide a detailed analysis and lists of all possible Consumables, Equipment, Chemicals and Amenities per seasonal operation in order to minimize cost and increase quality and profitability.

Related Services

We offer a tailor made menu from our team of chefs which we can guarantee the cost per meal per day according to what the hotelier wishes to budget.

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